Random drug testing

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Random drug testing can save lives and prevent injuries. But implementing an effective random drug testing program is more complicated than flipping a coin. Get in touch with WPCI today and get expert assistance setting up your random drug testing program.

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Don't Just Spin a Wheel

Many companies believe that they can run their own random drug testing programs, but soon learn that the regulatory requirements of running such a program are complex. How often do you need to test? Can all of your employees be part of the same testing pool? Let WPCI help you determine and implement the best random drug testing plan for your organization.

Decades of Experience

WPCI has decades of experience in running truly random drug testing programs, and also maintaining the proper documentation of such programs in order to keep their clients within regulatory requirements.

Do You Suspect An Employee Is Using?

Many of our clients reach out to us with concerns about a specific employee with the idea that we can help setup a random test program that will expose a specific employee's drug or alcohol use. Random testing is a great deterrent to drug or alcohol use, but our Critical Incident Consultation services are the answer if you already suspect a particular employee may need help.

Do You Need a Random Testing Program?

  • Certain industries are required to implement random testing.
  • Required testing rates vary by industry
  • An employee performing duties across multiple industries must be tested at rates according to the industry for which they perform 50% or more of their duties.
  • Your random can't use unacceptable random selection practices like selecting numbers from a hat, throwing darts, or selecting ping-pong balls.
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