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About WPCI

WPCI has a passion for making your workplace a safer place to be. Our team of highly motivated, empowered professionals is committed to being The Nation’s Premier Comprehensive Drug Program Administrator.

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Our Mission

WPCI provides high quality, competitively priced services in a timely manner with the utmost attention to detail. We deliver these services exceeding industry standards and in accordance with high ethical principles. While meeting the needs of customers, employees, and shareholders, we communicate with individuals at all levels, seeking first to understand then to be understood. We take great pride in our opportunity to enhance public awareness of substance abuse and contribute to our country’s goal of a “Drug Free America”.

Company Highlights

  • Headquartered in Nebraska, but proudly serving the entire USA.
  • Proudly assisting companies with their Non-DOT and DOT drug testing needs since 1987.
  • Factory Certified Lifeloc Master Trainer
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Business
  • At WPCI The Customer Is King
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