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Drug & Alcohol Screening

Drug and Alcohol screening is an important part of a safe workplace. Ensure that your work environment is safe with Drug and Alcohol Screening from WPCI.

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Create a Safe Workplace with Drug & Alcohol Screening from WPCI

In addition to DOT Drug Testing, WPCI offers products and services that enable a thorough and comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Screening program in your organization.

We Have a Plan that Works!

WPCI works with you to create an effective plan tailored to your organization's specific needs. WPCI can offer a combination of supervisor training for your staff, on-site testing equipment, and DOT Drug Testing.

In-House Testing

In addition to customized testing panels for our customers, WPCI offers products to assist businesses with their in-house drug testing programs. Utilizing in-house testing, business can save travel time for their employees, and save money on lab testing.

WPCI distributes alcohol testing devices and breath alcohol testing equipment that is used in Department of Transportation (DOT) required programs. Available are evidential breath testing devices and screening devices which are all approved for use in DOT alcohol testing programs. Many Non-DOT companies are utilizing breath alcohol testing equipment for testing of their non-DOT required employees as well.

In-House Testing Products

  • Instant Urine Test Kit -
    • Custom configurations available in up to 12 drugs
    • Fewer positive results from common medications
  • Oral Fluid Collection -
    • The collection process is performed by the donor with just a few simple instructions.
    • Results are quick and accessible via secured web pages, email, fax or by phone.
  • Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 -
    • Workplace Breath Alcohol Testing has never been this easy.
    • DOT and NHTSA approved with modern digital design.
  • Lifeloc EV-30 -
    • DOT and NHTSA approved with modern digital design.
    • A more economical alternative to the feature rich Phoenix.

WPCI is a Lifeloc distributor and can supply your business with any in-house testing supplies you require.

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